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Corporate Sponsors 2015-16 2
Corporate Sponsors 2015-16 2
2015 Spotlight Gala
2015 Spotlight Gala
2015 Fall Play: Eurydice
2015 Fall Play: Eurydice
2015 Ballard Fiddlers
2015 Ballard Fiddlers
Jazz Alley, May 18th
Jazz Alley, May 18th
Thank You Sponsors!
Thank You Sponsors!
Welcome to the Ballard High School Performing Arts!

The Ballard High School Music & Drama Department is lauded throughout the Northwest and beyond for its high level of musical and performance excellence. Ballard provides one of the most complete high school music programs in Seattle - offering instruction in voice, wind and string instruments spanning jazz to classical. The Drama Program consistently presents best-in-class plays and musicals, and participated in the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival!


Recent News and Announcements


Both singing and dancing will take place on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 1. Students will sing starting at 2:30 during their individual times. At 4:30 the dance auditions will start, concluding a little after 6:00 pm. This change is happening to accommodate our choreographer who is an elementary teacher in Wedgewood. This will allow us to fully use our time as we await her arrival. PLEASE WEAR COMFORTABLE CLOTHING AND WARM UP ON STAGE PRIOR TO 4:30pm. 

Updated Try Out Schedule: Tuesday, 12/ 1 – Sing and Dance,  Wednesday, 12/ 2 – Callback list posted, Thursday, 12/ 3 – Callbacks at 2:30 pm,  Friday, 12/ 4 – Cast list posted outside Black Box 

Cast: 5 Males, 4 Females, & FEATURED ensemble of at least 10. Expanded casting possible determined on number and talent level of those auditioning! Audition Contract here.  Pick up an Audition Packet from Mr Riley in the Black Box or in Room SW 121. Singing auditions will require a prepared 16 bars of a STEPHEN SCHWARTZ song. (samples available by Audition Packets) Wear comfortable clothing on December 2 for the Dance Auditions. 

Winter Concerts

Winter Concert I - Band and Orchestra on Wednesday, December 9th
Jazz Band 1 and 2, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Chamber Orchestra, Fiddle Ensemble and Symphonic Orchestra.
Winter Concert II - Choir on Thursday, December 10th
Treble Choir, Men's Ensemble, Women's Chamber Choir, Advanced Women's Chorale, Concert Choir and Vocal Jazz.

Students performing as part of the Carmina Burana: Symphonic Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Concert Choir, Adv Women's Chorale, select Percussionists & select Wind Players will need to be at BOTH concert nights.                               Camina Burana After school rehearsal schedule here

Reserve Your Concert Seat in the Performing Arts Center and support BPA 
Preferred premium seating is available now to reserve for both Winter Concerts
for a donation of either $25.00, $50.00 or $100.00.  All proceeds go to support
the Ballard Performing Arts. Seating is limited so don't wait until the last moment! 
Reserve your tickets at

The Seattle SeaChordsmen Barbershop Chorus Presents: Joyous Songs of the Holidays on Sun, Dec 13th at 2:00 pm at the Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church for more information

Spotlight Gala Dinner and Auction was a great success! Thank you to all for another great year. 

Other Info:

For trip info for NYC, Tampa and LA,CA click here

Pay 2015-16 year's fees on-line now! Click here.

2015-16 Printable Event Calendar for all groups.

Communications Quick Reference Sheet

Upcoming Events

Nov 21 Olympic College Jazz Clasic

(Vocal Jazz)

Dec 1-4 Musical Try Outs

Dec 4-8 Carmina Burana rehearsals

details, see below on left

Dec 9 Winter Concert I

Dec 10 Winter Concert II

Dec 13 Seattle Seachordsmen Concert

Dec 15 Vocal Jazz Caroling Day

Jan 8-10 Jazz I & II Retreat

More Events

More ways to keep updated:


Ballard Performing Arts

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EBMEA Orchestra Festival
EBMEA Orchestra Festival
EBMEA Orchestra Festival
Vocal Jazz Solo night with Ev Stern Trio
Vocal Jazz Solo night with Ev Stern Trio
Vocal Jazz Solo night with Ev Stern Trio

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  • Jazz Band I and II
  • Marching/Pep Band
  • Symphonic Band
  • Wind Ensemble

  • Concert Choir
  • Men's Ensemble
  • Treble Choir
  • Vocal Jazz
  • Women's Adv. Chorale
  • Women's Chamber Choir

  • 2015-16 Season
  • Fall Play - Eurydice
  • Musical - Children of Eden
  • Spring Play - Student directed one act plays

  • Chamber Orchestra
  • Symphonic Orchestra
  • String Quartet

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